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10017 Dentures 

10017 Dentures

If you have missing teeth and have decided to get dentures, you should visit us at our Cosmetic & Implant Dental Associates practice. Many patients come to see our dentists, doctors Douglas Magner and Dr. Anne Magner, for 10017 dentures which are both attractive and well-fitting.

For some patients, getting full 10017 dentures for tooth loss is the best solution. Dentures can either replace a full row of teeth, both rows of teeth, or replace some of the teeth in the patient’s mouth. When you receive your complete dentures, they may at first feel a bit awkward in your mouth. This is nothing to worry about and should actually be expected; wearing dentures is a new experience which does take some getting used to. Over a short period of time, however, the dentures should become quite comfortable. Our dentist may ask you to wear the dentures around the clock so that any problems with the way the dentures fit will quickly become apparent. This way they can be fixed in a timely basis. When you leave our dental practice with your dentures, you will have complete information on how to take care of them. They should be removed from your mouth several times a day for cleaning. Our dentist will let you know which type of brush to use and what should be used to clean the dentures with. It is very important that the dentures are handled carefully. You may want to remove them while you are standing over something soft, such as a towel. If the dentures fall on a hard surface they may break. It is also important that the dentures are kept moist. When the dentures are removed from your mouth you should keep them in some type of liquid. Again, our dentist will let you know exactly how to care for your dentures. It is important that these instructions are always followed carefully to prevent damage.

For an appointment to see our dentist regarding getting 10017 dentures, contact us today.

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