Dentist Near 10017

Dental Plaque in 10017

Dentist Near 10017

Dentist Near 10017

At Cosmetic & Implant Dental Associates, our dentist near 10017 performs regular cleanings to remove dental plaque and periodontal cleanings for those with gum issues that need a more aggressive cleaning. The two procedures are separate and slightly different from one another. A regular cleaning, also called a prophylaxis, is recommended for patients who have healthy teeth. A periodontal cleaning is for those who have gum pockets deeper than 4mm. Plaque is a hard substance on teeth that generates every day due to food and bacteria, and must be removed with brushing and flossing.

Before our dentist near 10017 performs a teeth cleaning, the mouth and teeth will be examined. Teeth should be healthy and there should be no bleeding, receding areas or gaps or exposed roots. A regular dental cleaning removes tartar, plaque and stains from teeth above and slightly below the gumline, and we use special tools to remove the plaque from the teeth. We recommend patients come in for at least one to two cleanings per year or more if there is a significant amount of plaque buildup. Annual cleanings can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay, which leads to gum disease.

Patients who have suffered periodontal disease that results in bone loss and deep gum pockets should have a periodontal cleaning. To maintain proper bone health, reverse gum disease and keep gums healthy, our dentist near 10017 can perform periodontal maintenance scaling, which removes tartar and plaque down to the gum, bone and root. This type of cleaning is done a few times per year and depends on the amount of plaque and tartar buildup and how frequently it accumulates. If bleeding or inflammation is present, a regular periodontal cleaning should be performed as well. Chronic inflammation of the gums has been shown to be connected to overall health and heart disease or diabetes.

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