Dental Implants in New York NY

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Dental Implants in New York NY

Dental Implants in New York NY

There is nothing else quite like our dental implants in New York NY. They represent the state-of-the-art in full-tooth restoration, with impressive benefits simply not available with the traditional and older options, bridges and dentures. At Cosmetic & Implant Dental Associates, our goal is to ensure that you always have a full set of teeth that allow you to speak, laugh, and chew with complete confidence. In order to be considered a good candidate for them, you will need to meet a few eligibility requirements, at least one of which can be corrected if you don’t qualify.

Your jaw bone is the most crucial part of your mouth when it comes to successfully getting our dental implants in New York NY. A bridge or dentures only sit on top of your gums, held in respectively with cement or dental adhesive. But implants become a part of your dental structure. Just as your real teeth have a root, an implant consists of a titanium post, the root, and a white crown, the tooth. Your jaw bone grows around the surgically placed post over the course of a few months, eventually fusing with it. But that cannot happen if your jaw is not sufficiently thick. Our cosmetic dentist will test your jaw bone, and if the results are not up to par, you can take advantage of bone grafting. This is where bone is taken from a donor bank or harvested from elsewhere in your body, and then transplanted into your jaw. Another qualification is having healthy gums. Other factors, such as being a smoker or having diabetes, may also play a role in whether our dental implants in New York NY are right for you. But you can find out during a consultation at our office.

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