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Rockland County Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening in Rockland County

Rockland County teeth whitening
Rockland County teeth whitening

The common causes of tooth stains, most of which are related to personal habits, present an obstacle to having the bright, attractive smile you deserve. At Cosmetic & Implant Dental Associates, we’re pleased to offer a choice of whitening treatments, so that no matter what your preferences are, you can enjoy the benefits.

Nearly everyone starts out with brilliantly white teeth, but then life happens. The food you eat is a contributing factor, including such typical choices as curry, soy sauce, berries, and hard candy. Red wine and cola are just two of the beverages that are not good for your tooth color. And if you indulge in tea and/or coffee, well you’re certainly not alone. They are two of the most popular drinks, especially for breakfast. Fortunately, our Rockland County teeth whitening reverses the effects of tea, coffee and much more. If you’re wondering why we haven’t brought up tobacco yet, it’s because we saved the most obvious example for last. Smoking it is likely to cause yellowed or brown teeth, but even smokeless methods are equally hazardous. It wouldn’t be accurate to call taking needed prescription medication a habit, but you still need to be aware that tetracycline is one of the common ones that is linked to tooth stains. Also, as you age, your tooth enamel wears away slowly. Underneath it is dentin tissue, which is duller. Our Rockland County teeth whitening addresses all of the above causes. You can have it done at our office and get impressive results in an hour or less, or use our take-home method for more gradual effects. Both are effective and safe. And if you maintain your teeth well, the whitening can last you for up to several years.

Say goodbye to stained teeth. Contact our office now and arrange to come in for our Rockland County teeth whitening.

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