Rockland County teeth whitening

Rockland County Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening in Rockland County

At Cosmetic & Implant Dental Associates patients can get a Rockland County teeth whitening in just a few visits. We have two locations for your dental needs, one in New York City and one in West Nyack. Besides teeth whitening, we also have a variety of other restorative services such as veneers, Invisalign, dental implants and Teeth-In-A-Day.

A teeth whitening procedure can last for a year or more if taken care of properly. Over the years different substances can stain teeth, leaving them yellow or discolored. Wine, nicotine, coffee and aging can all have an effect on tooth whiteness. Our whitening procedure is a great way to restore teeth back to their natural state, using a quick dental bleaching process that is safe and effective. It can be done in just a few trips to our office or by using our take home trays. We recommend patients receive a regular teeth cleaning before their session in order to have teeth in their best condition for Rockland County teeth whitening.

For those who wish to use take home trays, the method is just as easy and simple. A mold is first made of your teeth to ensure the whitening solution covers only the teeth so maximum coverage is provided without bothering the gums. We then apply bleaching gel to the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. With proper care and oral hygiene routines, your Rockland County teeth whitening can last a long time. Proper brushing and flossing help keep teeth whiter. Our restorative options for teeth include veneers, braces, implants and dental bonding. We have Invisalign and clear braces for those who wish to have a less visible way of straightening teeth. Our job is to transform your smile and to help boost our patient’s confidence with a beautiful smile and straight, white teeth.

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